Coming soon... switch kits Posted on 09 Aug 09:34

As we said in our last post, we now have waveguide switches from Advanced Switch Technology. These are top quality switches, made in Canada.

In the coming weeks we will have availability of manual switching kits in WR75, WR137, and WR229.



We now have waveguide switches! Posted on 22 Jun 06:04

In the effort to expand our offerings to customers, we have gone from waveguide, to adapters, and most recently waveguide switches. These are crucial if you are wanting to set up a redundancy system. A waveguide switch has 4 ports. In a small system you would do the following:

  • attach a BUC to ports 1 and 3 using a bend or short piece of flex
  • attach a termination directly to port 2
  • attach a piece of flex to port 4 which will go from your switch to the antenna feed

In the initial position of the switch the BUC on port 1 will transmit to the antenna on port 4, and your BUC on port 3 will tranmit into the termination on port 2.

When a switch happens the BUC on port 3 will transmit to the antenna on port 4 and the BUC on port 1 will tranmit into the termination on port 2.

We have manual and automatic switching solutions. Please contact us for more details.

The practicality of keeping stock Posted on 23 Nov 14:19

We had a customer last week contact us for a short piece of WR137 Flex.

The shortest piece we had was 3 ft which was too long for them. Usually a longer piece of waveguide is not a problem but there was a space restriction.

During the discussion the customer said that they could accept rigid waveguide and we told them that we had some very short 4 inch E Bend in stock.

The bend was shipped that day and customer is satisfied. Problem solved.

This is one reason why we keep stock.

What do we do better? Posted on 18 Oct 05:50

We know our customers are busy and we want to save them time.

So availability is very important.

Many companies show products which they have to order from somewhere else or they have to produce. But when you go to order the product there is a delay.

We want to minimize delays so what we do is only show available inventory.

If a product is shown on our website it is available to ship immediately.

We can also help to source other satcom products not shown on this site, but those are subject to lead times.

What we do better than other companies is that if you need something right away- we have it in stock.

Price vs value Posted on 17 Dec 11:25

We had a customer call us yesterday and say that our prices are high. This was interesting as we believe we are the lowest cost on the market for the value we offer.

Our customer was saying that they can get similar product from another supplier at a lower price.

So we asked them a few questions: 

Does the price from the other company include shipping anywhere in the world? His answer- No, but I have a fedex account.

Does the price from the other company include all of the accessories or do you have to get them yourself? His answer-  we have some hardware in stock and the rest (like Orings) we have to procure separately.

How much time does it take for you to go and source accessories separately? His answer- I'm not sure.

What is the cost to your company if you can't install your system because you are missing some accessories? No answer from him.

We believe that time is the most important commodity that we all have.

And we try to make sure that our customers get what they need with everything included so that they save time and don't have waste time later to find the rest of what they need. This is our value.

The story does have a happy ending as he did buy from us and we have another satisfied customer.

Thank you to all of our partners and customers.

Why we keep stock Posted on 29 Nov 23:50

Satellite communications sites are often in very remote locations. There is no time to take a few weeks to build inventory- then ship to site- if the installation has already started. That`s why we always keep stock of WR75 Ku Band and WR137 CBand flex, and even some WR28 Ka Band.

How we started Posted on 25 Nov 00:16

Diosat started with an urgent need. The customer was integrating a bunch of VSAT equipment including antennas, BUCs, LNB's and modems- but couldn't finish the installation because he was missing some flexible waveguide. For an integrator this can be a huge problem as he was going to miss his next milestone, costing thousands of dollars in the process. We pulled some strings to get him the accessories he needed within a couple of days but realized that this kind of thing probably happens all the time. So we started keeping stock of flexible waveguide and now have more and more customers coming to us as a reliable source.

Our customer commitment is to have guaranteed stock of WR137 and WR75 all the time.